Gowatr takes water seriously. To the extent that to us, every drop counts. Having identified a suitable mechanism to ensure seamless delivery of water, we also understood that the capability of technology to offer last-mile solutions – namely water management, post-delivery.

Objectives :

Water being a vital resource, we aim to prevent pilferage and wastage of water in the urban regions. Similarly, quality of water also requires close monitoring. Ultimately the customer should be completely aware of the wastage and spending of water in his campus/industry/community.

How this works:

  • Sump levels are constantly monitored by smart sensors – these can be pressure or ultrasonic sensors
  • Overhead tanks are specially monitored by pressure transducers
  • Hydrostatic measurement monitors individual water consumption in an apartment
  • Smart electromagnetic flow meter monitors water intake and distribution.

What happens next:

  • Display units connected with sensors display the collected data
  • Sensors can be connected by either a wired / wireless system
  • Gowatr produces customised reports using analysed data
  • A graphical dashboard ensures convenient access to data regarding water management within premises

Gowatr goes everywhere!

We cater to:

  • Very large residential projects
  • Health-care Facilities
  • IT Parks
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Construction
  • Business Facilities