As cities expand and urbanization moves at a breakneck pace, water management becomes the greatest issue that cities face.

At Gowatr, we leverage technology to not just address the problem, but manage it effectively. But how do we go about it?

Presenting the Smart Water Management System.


The system is wholly tech-driven, right from sensors that measure water level and tds level in the tanks to identifying water consumption levels and notifying the customer of the same. This enables the clients to measure and monitor water usage and retain more control over water in their premises. This helps us realize our ideal of zero wastage.

Water being a precious resource, it’s time technology came to the rescue. With Gowatr, it does.

Smart delivery

Additionally as an aggregator with 3000 tankers, we deliver water within the limits of the Chennai urban area.Water can be booked online for hassle-free on-time delivery. From collection of water at the source, analysing for quality, delivering it to multiple locations and finally accounting for every drop of water spent, Gowatr takes 360o ownership, managing water with aplomb. Thus Gowatr is prepared, from source-to-spend.



Who monitors water? How does one ensure that the quality of water delivered is optimal? And most importantly how does one keep track of the spending?

We have one answer to meet them all: technology.

From pressure-based / ultrasonic level detectors that determine the level of water in the tanks to sensors that determine the tds and quality of water, and most importantly and alert/alarm system to notify you, our technology is geared to make water management a reality. In case of apartments with hundreds of residents, water consumption pattern can be monitored and determined with hydrostatic measurement devices.



Booking water is a cumbersome process, due to an existing haphazard system that puts you in tenterhooks regarding availability and delivery times and a fickle price system.

With Gowatr, water sourcedis of the highest quality, and is delivered through 3000 tankers on call. Be it a community of 500 residents or a corporate organization / industry of 1000 employees, Gowatr answers your call.

Booking Made Easy

Book water tankers effortlessly! Register with us, schedule a time and get water delivered at the appointed time.

Cost Transparency

GoWatr with higher business ethical standards ensures a favorable business environment for all our customers.

Assured Delivery

Experience a seamless water delivery supply with GoWatr. We promise to deliver you clean and hygienic water around the clock.

Residential and Commercial

We supply water for all residential and commercial purposes like MNCs, high-rise apartments, malls, hospitals, and more.